The Texas Council of Faculty Senates (TCFS) is a federation of faculty senates, councils, and assemblies at Texas public senior colleges and universities. Beginning in 1978, representatives of these groups were brought together in an informal network. In 1983, TCFS formed itself into an independent organization and formally ratified its constitution and by-laws. All of the faculty governance organizations at state senior colleges and universities are members of TCFS. Members that pay dues have voting privileges.

TCFS meets twice a year in Austin to share faculty governance experiences and problems and to exchange ideas on higher education with members, agents of state government members and staff of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and others. One meeting each year follows a meeting of the Coordinating Board. The annual meetings are also scheduled to coincide with the meetings of the Texas Association of College Teachers (TACT) and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

The organization’s purposes include the following:

  • maintaining communications and coordinating among faculty governance organizations from different institutions;
  • assisting faculty governance organizations in the discharge of their responsibilities; and
  • representing faculty governance organizations, primarily in matters of professional standards and academic responsibility, to government and other bodies.

Among its regular activities, Texas Council of Faculty Senates:

  • Conducts workshops for faculty leaders on topics related to college and university governance.
  • Maintains a web page that includes links to those of member campuses.
  • Solicits information on topics related to faculty governance upon request.
  • Nominates and provides financial support for faculty interns at The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
  • Represents views of organizations on a statewide basis when appropriate and approved by Texas Council of Faculty Senates.


Representing senates, councils, and assemblies of the Texas senior public institutions, TCFS is in a unique position to transmit information to and from the local institution by providing a broader understanding and input to the Coordinating Board and its staff. In return, TCFS receives information and reports of Coordinating Board actions that affect academic affairs and faculty interests. Close cooperation between TCFS and the Coordinating Board is in the best interest of both groups and of all college/university faculty in Texas.

Faculty need to have the opportunity to discuss the issues and to directly participate in positions, policies, and procedures that affect their academic responsibility. TCFS provides resources to study any issue on which the Coordinating Board requests faculty views and investigate topics of our choosing that we believe may need clarification or study. TCFS provides personnel to read and review the codified Coordinating Board policy manuals.

Communication between TCFS and the Coordinating Board improves our ability to work together. The Coordinating Board agendas and reports can be found on their web page. Their web page addresses is www.thecb.state.tx.us.

Joint meetings of the Executive Committees of TCFS and the Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors were initiated to share information and discuss areas of mutual concern.


                                    CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS

                                    POLICIES FOR COMMITTEE EXPENSES


                                    Angelo State University

                                    Lamar Institute of Technology

                                    Lamar University – Beaumont

                                    Lamar University – Orange

                                    Lamar University – Port Arthur

                                    Midwestern State University

                                    Prairie View A&M University

                                    Sam Houston State University

                                    Stephen F. Austin University

                                    Sul Ross State University – Alpine

                                    Sul Ross State University – Rio Grande

                                    Tarleton State University

                                    Texas A&M International – Laredo

                                   Texas A&M University – Central Texas

                                    Texas A&M University – College Station

                                    Texas A&M University – Commerce

                                    Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

                                    Texas A&M University – Kingsville

                                    Texas A&M University – Texarkana

                                    Texas Southern University

                                    Texas State University

                                    Texas Tech University

                                    Texas Woman’s University

                                    University of Houston

                                    University of Houston – Clear Lake

                                    University of Houston – Downtown

                                    University of Houston – Victoria

                                    University of North Texas – Dallas

                                    University of North Texas – Denton

                                    University of Texas at Arlington

                                    University of Texas at Austin

                                    University of Texas at Dallas

                                    University of Texas at El Paso

                                    University of Texas – Permian Basin

                                    University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

                                    University of Texas at San Antonio

                                    University of Texas at Tyler

                                    West Texas A&M University