Two meetings are held each school year in Austin. The Fall Meeting is held in October, and the Spring Meeting is held in February.


February 16-17, 2018

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October 26-27, 2018
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Roundup reports are important documents prepared by each the faculty senate at each institution and submitted to TCFS. The purpose of the roundup report is for the members of TCFS to share the news from their university/college. These reports may serve as a basis for discussions during meeting and/or catalysts for change at members’ home institutions. TCFS members have repeatedly expressed their appreciation of this segment of the meeting – roundup reports are a time-honored and cherished tradition of TCFS meetings.

Guidelines for Submission of Written Roundup Reports

We look forward to receiving updates on the events at, and about, your university. We ask that you develop a brief report (see guidelines below) and email your roundup report to Sharon Grimm by Tuesday prior to the TCFS meeting. Members can request copies of roundup reports from Sharon. In your written report, please include the following information:

  1. A general description of your university
  2. profile and enrollment
  3. new programs and degrees
  4. major construction and renovation
  5. A description of your faculty assembly/council/senate
  6. its composition
  7. highlights of recent and current business
  8. A description of 1 to 2 major issues on your campus

Guidelines for Oral Presentation of Roundup Reports

  1. You have 2-3 minutes to give your report (the time limit will be established
    at the meeting and will be based on the number of reports to be given),
  1. At the beginning of your presentation, please introduce yourself, your
    role/title/involvement in faculty governance, and the university you represent.
  1. Instead of summarizing all the elements of the report you submit, only
    report on the most important issues involving the faculty, faculty
    governance, shared governance, etc.
  2. SPECIAL TOPIC: Please include a separate paragraph (1-3 sentences) regarding what,
    if anything, your college or university is doing concerning the current DACA situation.